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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lemon rosemary sorbet

i've always been a low-tech girl. i remember in college almost begging my professors to let me handwrite my papers since i had no use for the computing machines that everyone else seemed to find soooo necessary. i've come a long way, even in the kitchen. there was a time when a cutting board, a casserole dish, and a dull 8" chef knife were all i needed. then i met rob...

rob is captain gadget, as any self-respecting mechanical engineer would have to be. i quickly learned that browsing a kitchen supply store with a gizmo guy had changed the experience forever. i'm still not taken in by all of the toys, but i do at least now own a chopper, and the bread machine we picked up at goodwill has been one of the best $13 investments we've ever made.

another of our favorite tools, especially this time of year, is the ice cream maker. i've used it once or twice, but rob has made all manner of treats, from vanilla bean custard ice cream to orange sherbet. nothing beats the sorbets, however. after having dinner with his family a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant that served water in pitchers with lemons and rosemary, we had a new plan-- lemon rosemary sorbet.

this is all rob-- the recipe, the execution, even a couple of the photos. i'm just the proxy. ;)

lemon rosemary sorbet

2 sprigs fresh rosemary, finely chopped
1 sprig mint
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 Tbsp vodka (optional-- this keeps it from freezing solid)
1 1/2- 2 cups fresh-squeezed lemon juice
zest from 1 lemon (couple of Tbsp)

bring water and sugar to boil over medium high heat.
reduce to simmer on low for 5 minutes or until all sugar is dissolved.
remove from heat, add rosemary and mint, cover and steep 10 minutes.
strain out rosemary and mint, add lemon zest, chill in fridge until cool.

stir in lemon juice & vodka and freeze in ice cream/sorbet machine according to mfg directions.

we've found that after it's done all it's going to do in the ice cream maker, it still needs a couple of hours, or even overnight, in the freezer to not turn back into syrup the instant you scoop some into a bowl.

this sorbet is wonderful! you definitely have to like rosemary, but the flavor is not overpowering at all. we tried a similar recipe last summer using basil, and it, too, was incredibly good. next on the list-- blackberry!


  1. Hey there Angela,

    So, pardon my ignorance....but what's the difference between Sorbet and Sherbet?


  2. hey cathie!

    best i can tell, sherbet has some cream in it, or is a custard base, where sorbet is just a simple syrup of sugar and juice or puree, and often water. no dairy, though. i prefer sorbets, which surprises me because i'm a huge fan of heavy cream. :)

  3. Its hot again ... this sounds refreshing

  4. Thanks for the quick answer :-) Your sorbet recipe looks marvelous thanks for sharing!