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Sunday, November 1, 2009

butternut squash and apple soup

i've found a new cache of online recipes. it's from pcc natural markets in seattle, "the largest consumer-owned natural food co-operative in the United States." they are dedicated to offering all natural, organic, sustainably produced, and when possible, local products, and when i can't get to the farmers market they are the next best thing. i was poking around on their website recently and came across the recipes section. it's enormous and not entirely friendly to use-- there's no option to search by an ingredient, for example. however, while i don't love the search function, their butternut squash and apple soup recipe has reserved them a spot on my list of go-to sites for finding fun ways to make use of the ubiquitous and impatient pile of produce on our kitchen table.

click here for the recipe--butternut squash and apple soup

i followed the suggestion to roast the squash first, and was a little shy with the coconut milk as i was worried about the flavor going in the direction of piƱa colada. this soup was absolutely stunning-- beautiful, fragrant, and savory, with a hint of sweetness from the apples and just a touch of tingly spice from the fresh ginger. and, bonus, it's a soup that successfully uses water instead of stock which is good because i'm almost out. we had it with cider-brined pork chops simmered in an apple-mustard cream sauce, and a smashed potato and bacon hash. perfection.

*UPDATE: they were clearly in the process of making changes, because a couple of weeks after this post the PCC markets recipe section had been completely revamped. nice!!


  1. Hi Ang,

    I just made the butternut apple soup for din din. It turned out lovely, and since I didn't have much time, I used a pre-made butternut squash soup base, then added fresh summer squash, an apple, sage and a dash of nutmeg and clove.

    Belly full. So good.

  2. Hi, I'm Becky, an old friend of Rob's. I made this soup for dinner a few nights ago and it was so yummy! My kids (being kids) had a few spoonfuls but didn't appreciate it as much as Chad and I. We had a lot of soup leftover.
    The next day, I reheated the soup with some aborio rice and it made the most delicious risotto, which my kids devoured. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. hi becky, sure, rob talks about you guys! nice to meet you. glad you enjoyed the soup, and what a terrific idea to stir it up with some arborio! i'll try to keep that in mind next time we have leftovers. we are not great about eating leftovers which is why i'm always making such minuscule portions. :) thanks for the tip!