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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

edible seattle "wants farmers to be as famous as rock stars," and i think that's rad.

this is my favorite magazine. with a focus on sustainability and conservation, it is dedicated to showcasing the food traditions and bounty of the puget sound region. but edible seattle is more than amazing recipes and utterly beautiful photography. each issue is a crisp farm visit, a damp foraging adventure in the woods, a mouthwatering kitchen-table chat with a baker, and a garden tour of what's in season. they profile local chefs, pie makers, turkeys, grappa, CSAs, family farms, wineries, fishers, ribeyes, mixologists, chocolate, cheese makers, doughnuts, cooking oils, food-based self-development programs, urban chickens, bistros, and artisans of all kinds... just when i think there's no locally-produced stone left to turn, a new issue arrives to prove me wrong. they also have book reviews, food-related news highlights, and an events calendar featuring everything from seafood feasts to tree plantings.

i'm telling you, any locavore/foodie in this area should be reading this magazine.

for locavores/foodies not in this area, you're in luck-- edible seattle is one of the edible communities publications, a group of over 50 magazines in the US (and a couple in canada) that "celebrate local foods, season by season." each one is dedicated to a unique culinary region, and each is started and created by people in that region for people in that region. that is to say, while the magazines all share a mission, they are not stamped out of a mold with a couple of key words and photos changed. they really are custom produced with all local information.

the usual suspects are included-- san francisco, boston, austin, portland, chicago, los angeles, nyc (manhattan, queens, and brooklyn)... but there are plenty you wouldn't expect-- there's edible bozeman, blue ridge, south shore (massachusetts), wow (southeastern michigan), hawaiian islands, metro and mountains (atlanta), and the list goes on.

so, if this sounds like your kind of thing, check it out! you can find the publications listed here.

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