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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bacon-wrapped vegetable gratins. not a diet food.

heh. i thought i was getting tired of root vegetables until i wrapped them in bacon. edible seattle's recipe maven jess thompson presented a recipe last january for winter root vegetable gratins as an idea for a super bowl snack. this past sunday, i took her up on it. uh, can i just say, YUM?

recipe here: bacon root vegetable gratins 

the recipe says to use a mini-muffin tin, but my vegetables were big, so i used the regular muffin tin. also, i trimmed the bacon to wrap around, which ended up being 6" or so lengths, rather than the 3" pieces the recipe calls for. i used an uber sharp cheddar-style cheese, and just sprinkled a little on each layer. the 2 Tbsp of cheese in each layer called for in the recipe has to be a misprint! toothpicks were to secure the bacon as i put the gratins together, but were removed before cooking.

baked 30 minutes, et voila...

... an incredibly decadent way to experience winter veggies! 

speaking of winter, rob and i are heading to sunny hawaii tomorrow for what is a well-earned vacation on his part, and an aren't-i-lucky-he-wants-me-to-come-too trip for yours truly. know what i'm looking forward to as much as anything else? FRUIT, that's what. juicy, drippy, tangy, sticky, tart, sweet, fruit. i'll be sure and get some pics. 

catch y'all a little later!

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